The El Rey Club, Searchlight, NV

The El Rey Club, Searchlight, NV
The El Rey Resort & Casino, Circa 1957-1962

The Wish List

WANTED!  These are El Rey-related items and memorabilia that I'm eager to own.  I know these things actually exist and am eager (if not just childishly hopeful) to find them for my collection.  If you have any of these items for sale, trade, or donation (woo-hoo!) contact me! 702-465-5604

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Newspapers & Magazines

Original Las Vegas Review-Journal, Dated October 17, 1957

I can't get a high quality scan or any decent microfilm of this issue, featuring TWO, FULL PAGE ADS promoting the grand opening of the NEW El Rey Lodge.

The real
HEY-DAY of the El Rey was a result of the remodeling and additions to the classic El Rey. There are great photos, descriptions, and names of several people who worked there within the ads. If only I could fully see them all.

Original Las Vegas Review-Journal, Dated January 22, 1962 I have been able to procure a high-quality reprint of this photo from the fire, but I'd love to get a hold of the original paper.

Original Issue of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Dated May 25, 1951

Not only a great photo of the El Rey CLub bar with Buddy Martello's gun collection, but an article detailing the closing of three Searchlight houses of prostitution.


Original Issue of The NEVADAN, Dated February 16, 1964

A compelling, but fluffy, and not entirely factual column by the late, great
Ray Chesson. read more about this column HERE.


Original Issue of The NEVADAN, Dated February 11, 1968

An equally compelling, reasonably fluffy, and decidedly more accurate column by the late, great Ray Chesson. This features a lot of anecdotes provided by Chef Luigi Scirocco and speaks well of Willie after his death.

 (NOT PICTURED) Original Issue of The NEVADAN, Dated February 6, 1961

Not at all sure what's in this as I can't find a microfilm copy anywhere, even though a few places have it archived in their microfilm files. Lost? Misfiled? I need to know.

Don't tell me there are no 20th century newspaper collectors out there! There are several other issues I have interest in owning, but these top on my list!

Always interested in different denominations or styles!

El Rey $5.00 Poker Chip (Undrilled)
I have recently purchased a canceled or "drilled" one of these at an auction. I'm hopeful to find another one some day in better shape . I wonder if there's a $10.00, a $50.00 or even a $100.00 chip out there somewhere.

El Rey Free Play ChipEl Rey Free Play Chip
What can I say? This one of the white whales of the El Rey gaming chip world. I have hope to get my hands on one, but am grateful to have been sent this scan from
James Campiglia, author of "The Official US Casino Chip Price Guide".


El Rey Advertising Chip - Variant DesignEl Rey Advertising Chip, Variant Design

HOLY CRAP! Where did this come from and why didn't I have enough cash to outbid the guy on ebay? Ahh, nuts!


(Not pictured) El Rey $1000 Business Card Chip featuring Chef Luigi Scirocco's name

In fact, if there are chips like this one with anyone else's name on them I hope to find them! I've seen a photo of one and hope to have a scan soon. They guy who owns it isn't selling, but some day I'll have one.

RARE grey El Rey Club chipsEl Rey Club Gaming Chips (Grey)

Only seen these at the Searchlight Museum, but I MAY have a line on where to get some. We'll see if any of my new contacts are willing to part with their artifacts.

There is no way to know how many styles are out there.
These are the ones I know of that are not in my collection.

El Rey Casino Dice
I have recently come into FOUR different and otherwise "unseen" sets of El Rey dice. None of them is represented here. So clearly there are a lot of different styles out there.

Willie's family made it possible for me to get the ones I currently have. Perhaps someone out there has these others available for trade or purchase.

For now, these scans and the dreams of adding the real things to my collection will have to suffice.

Brochures, Menus, Etc

El Rey Brochure
I'm certain there are quite a few different brochures that were designed to encourage the vacationers and tourists to arrive.
This is at least the third I'm aware of and I lost this one on eBay in the last seconds. Naturally, that buyer isn't returning e-mails either. If I can't buy it I'd at least like to get a decent scan of the thing. I'm fine with good scans of any items I don't have. They all help with the research even though they make me drool otherwise.

El Rey Resort Menu, Circa 1950's - 1962
Menu from the El Rey Continental Cafe

Thanks to Sharon Richardson I know what one looks like and I know one exists. Some day...

 I'm also keen on finding old photos, newspaper articles, advertisements, and other items pertaining to the El Rey and Willie Martello. I'm certainly happy with photo scans of actual items as well. Knowing the items exist and having a photo to keep not only helps with the research, but it gives me something else to search for.

El Rey Bow tie
These also come in an orange color. I've seen examples of both colors at the Searchlight Museum.
These ties were worn by all the dealers at the El Rey. You can clearly see them in the film, "Tonight for Sure".
I MAY have a lead on where to get one of these. Keeping fingers crossed!

El Rey Resort Hotel HatsEl Rey Resort Hotel Hats

These fall into the "Never knew they existed before" category. Thanks to an image sent to me by Suzan Martello I have even MORE "new" things to look out for.

I don't know if any other collector one out there has one, but I may actually have a decent chance of scoring one. Keeping fingers crossed. Until then I admire the "Vintage Trucker Hat". Some day I'll share the entire photo from which these images were taken.

El Rey Resort Hotel SashEl Rey Resort Hotel Sash

No, this wasn't a "Miss El Rey Club" costume piece, though I wouldn't have put it past Willie to come up with such an idea. This was worn by a lovely lady at tourism networking events. I truly doubt there were more than one or two of these in existence and to think that one actually exists today is a LONG SHOT. However, if anyone can find one it would be me. 

Speaking of long shots...

El Rey Resort hotel Advertising BalloonEl Rey Resort Hotel Advertising Balloon

Yup. No chance in hell any of these survived the years. the rubber wouldn't have lasted. nobody would have thought to keep one. Why should I even hope? It is my WISH LIST ya know.


Truthfully, ANY items (furniture, desk blotters, receipts, business cards - whatever may have survived) are all welcome.

If you have an item to sell please contact me at or by phone at 702-465-5604. If you simply have a scan or a memory to share, the same contact info applies.

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