The El Rey Club, Searchlight, NV

The El Rey Club, Searchlight, NV
The El Rey Resort & Casino, Circa 1957-1962

Friday, November 29, 2013

Cover Story, Part Three: It's Quiet...TOO Quiet

The third cover idea I've had since working on the book, and the second cover concept provided to me by my graphic designer was also within many of the parameters I laid out for him.  It was certainly a more traditional cover when compared to other biography/history books.

As you can see this cover did have the old 1946 version of the El Rey Club, it had a warning label, it had The King of Casinos in big, bold letters.  What it didn't have was any excitement to it.  There's no real reason for anyone walking by at a book store or browsing online to stop what they were doing and pick up the book.  It's a very good cover.  Clean, crisp, and quiet...too quiet.  It had none of the fun or intrigue that lies within the pages. 

Almost there.  Stay on target.
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It did have going for it the fact that even in tiny icon form or at a great distance, you could still read "The King" in the title and that appealed to me very much.  I knew I wanted to keep that kind of name recognition involved since many may only be purchasing this from  internet retailers.

Somewhere between the two concepts provided to me by Barrington Design Studios there was a way to capture that excitement and tone of the overall book.  I asked Greg if he could combine the two.  Get the showgirl in there, get the casino in there, get the warning label and the WOW factor all in there.  initially I thought I'd take the showgirl photo and have him work his magic to make the onlookers part of the mountain landscape with the legs acting as the warning label.  What he came up with absolutely blew me away and I am certain you'll love it.

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