The El Rey Club, Searchlight, NV

The El Rey Club, Searchlight, NV
The El Rey Resort & Casino, Circa 1957-1962

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tilte Page Teaser

Photo courtesy Nevada State Museum [J. Florian Mitchell Collection]
The King of Casinos: Willie Martello & the El Rey Club
©Andy Martello and Just A Martello Books
What you are looking at is the title page (NOT the cover) for my upcoming book.  This welcomes the reader after a brief perusal of the book (a perusal inspired by a truly AMAZING cover) inviting you to take the journey back to Searchlight, Nevada, as I did eight years ago.

That's Willie standing proudly on his newly built airport runway, looking eager and hopeful for the future.  Knowing this book will be out soon, I feel the same way!

There are still plenty of pieces of El Rey memorabilia available for donations and pre-orders, however the time to get your name mentioned in the Special Thanks is running out.  Head to today!

The research & collecting of photos and memorabilia from the El Rey Club never stops! Please contact me at 702-465-5604 or email me at if you have stories or memorabilia to share.

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